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Herbal Dispensaries

We are one of the first and few herb clinics in the entire United States of America to have implemented FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This is the same standard drug manufactures have to meet.  We can assure safety, consistency, herbs free of heavy metals, free of adulterants, free of bacterial contamination, botanical identification and purity - something very few other herb or supplement companies have reached.  We have a full staff of GMP and Quality Analysis and Quality Control working to ensure your safety and ease of mind. 


We utilize and have on hand over 700 herbs from around the world, including China, India, America, Europe, Tibet, and South America. These herbs are available for custom, individualized formulas for clients in a variety of formats including: tincture extracts, glycerite extracts, liquids, syrups, elixirs, salves, liniments, oils, suppositories, TCM powdered extracts, encapsulated and bulk raw herbs.


We also carry over 300 of the most important herbal formulas from China, India, and America available for clients. Any herb or herbal formula from around the world can be located for clients.


All custom formulas are written by qualified clinical herbalists.


All herbs are checked for herb-drug, herb-herb and herb-nutrient interactions.

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