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Shea Harkness


North Star Herbal Studies Teacher


Shea Harkness is a graduate of Prairie Star Center for Herbal Studies and has been teaching with Nicholas Schnell since 2017.  She has worked in the medical field for 26 years specializing in disaster response and emergency medicine.  


She spent the most influential years of her life by her grandfather’s side on his farm and in his garden. This experience and a love of plants compelled her to seek an education in horticulture. Working in medicine, having a strong farming background, a longing to help others and relentlessly studying herbalism all led to her current situation and lifelong dream.


She owns and operates Curious Roots, a medicinal herb farm located between Omaha and Lincoln, NE.  She tends approximately 75 different wild and cultivated herbs on this small farm with the help of her family.  All of the herbs are lovingly cared for using sustainable and organic methods.  


Shea is grateful to share land and blossoms with a few colonies of honeybees who supply entertainment, fresh honey and beeswax for candle making.  She hosts events, leads herb walks and teaches herbalism in a setting that connects people to the plants and the land.  She believes strongly in preserving the knowledge of the ancestors by teaching future generations the history, science and art of herbalism. 


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