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Coming soon 2-Year Program

(Online & In Person) 

North Star Home & Family Herbalist Program


Blending Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science to Learn Herbalism, Sustainability, Independence & Self Sufficiency


North Star Herbal Studies (NSHS) educates and inspires families to regain the ability to be self-sufficient, use natural healing in their homes, and reduce healthcare costs. NSHS also educates families on the uses of healing herbs, promotes a community culture of green living, creates community awareness of sustainability and allows families to return to radiant health and wellness.  Our mission is to teach the ancient art and science of herbalism in a practical, real world way so the whole family can embrace herbalism's gifts and healing. 

Find more information on the North Star Website: 

Try one of our mini courses while you wait for the next program to start!


October 2023 - September 2025:

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